Movement is so intense in order to play basketball

Uniforms say pants and shirt. Shirt to wear mainly short sleeve or sleeveless, and running. All team members to wear the color of the same design, the shape of things, the front and back must be the same color pants and shirt [35]. Pants may not be the same color as the shirt necessarily. Dark color, one team to wear those (white is preferable) of light-colored and the other. Home team or the team, previously described the match table to wear a dark color is Away team uniform light-colored, or visitor team that is described in the later. Can be interchanged in the discussion of both teams.

I put on the chest and back a number in uniform. This number, Principle 4 – have been determined be given a number of up to two orders of magnitude by the organizer or, up to 15. There are many things to express three upright 1 finger gestures referee, such as when there is a score, which is to avoid confusion with numbers. However, some players wearing the number 3 from 00,0 in NBA. Jersey number See also. As with other ball game, there is also putting emblem or logo, and advertising team. Shape changes with the times, pants is what was shortness of athletics Nami in the past, it has become spacious and extends to the knee-length near now especially. In extent permitted, under uniform, can also wear undershirt, and spats. On the other, there is a case in which head band, arm sleeve, wristband, against shin, supporters are also worn.

Movement is so intense in order to play basketball, to dash quickly, or change of direction, and jumping or stopped instantly, it is difficult to slip, shoes cushion to soften the  shock of landing and jump higher is required , it is available in only. Weight reduction has progressed with the advancement of synthetic resin technology, but until the 1960s, it was one of the heavy thick rubber soles, as sports shoes. In addition, there was also wear wool socks thick socks such as climbing. In addition, high socks were prevalent in the effects of NBA in the 1970s, but now, it has remained NBA even to be worn and some players, in the game in the reprint jersey.

In the case of NBA, from uniforms called warm-up wear, with a team jersey, ranging from supporters, socks, headband, NBA logo and NBA specified manufacturer’s logo , only the team logo is permitted in the game at the time, the only players themselves the wearable choose it is only basketball shoes. Therefore players have contracts with shoe manufacturer of each. The star player, basketball shoes of the player model is provided with, and are commercially sold for the same type is created.


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