Wansview WiFi Lan/WLan Camera

Now the camera side is all set important. The other functions I explain now times not … that you can find out yourself;)

Now something must be set in your router to access from anywhere with a PC or smartphone on the Cam can.

In the router port 80 for the IP address Kamra who have you chosen must be released.

How exactly you have to read or ask Google in your router manual.

Some routers also have an extra DDNS setting, where the whole is still something more secure against attacks from the outside. But is not absolutely necessary!

Now you can the camera from anywhere on your camera Internet address reach. (This address is also on the bottom of the camera)


Unfortunately, I’ve got Android cucumber and can only give this information.

Invites you the free program “IP Cam Viewer lite”

Adds a new camera added: Wansview brand, model Wansview NCL610W, the host internet address, http port 80, and then username and password. Then test and Save.

Problems: the camera rotates in the horizontal axis “loudly”. Located at the bottom 4 screws. Two are visible and two are under the rubber feet. After removing the screws and bottom plate you can see the board. This is secured with a screw. Uner the plate, you only see the engine is responsible for the rotation. Tighten the two motor mounting screws slightly and slide the engine slightly to the outside, ie away from the rotation axis and the screws. The two gears were too close together and have this strange noise generated. The problem had a camera on me.

I hope one or the other helps all here;)

…. Greetings to the “A Star Forgiver” and your network professionals ^^


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