Russell Hobbs Blender 600 watt

This thing is really great, makes great milkshakes and crushed ice extremely well (for slush-ice example) … you should just be careful that you always touches the pitcher correctly (observe marking)

Although I showed my nephew how to do that he has to make his earlier shake out of sheer impatience pitcher aufgesetzt- wrong with violence, I take on and now you can not get him down.

In other words- the thing has brand new in the bin.

Very ärgerlich- especially for me- I’ve paid the …

The blender is really chic and looks great, especially what he can with his 600 watts.

To facilitate cleaning, you can even remove the knife.

I have a home blender (another brand) can not compete with this.

Since you also can mix so many other things, I’m considering to buy one for myself yet.

… should my nephew again want to have one, but he must pay it

edit 07/07/2012: Have to get to know earlier that my niece has repaired the blender again … she has made ​​it so the upper part of the engine even though this wurde- incorrectly placed by my nephew.

So it is still possible, but was probably difficult.

So please make sure that the upper part is not accidentally set the wrong mood.

When I received the part I was only surprised by the beauty of the blender! It is really sturdy and stable! Make me my morning oatmeal with bananas and milk and it mixes as it should! It does not stink and you can wash it super

I also mixed ice and this was similar to a slush ice! I recommend it repays further and at this price you can not go wrong

Due to the recession I have decided for this device. And I must say I was not disappointed. I mix my fruits of any kind with oat drink and it soaked corn flakes to a shake and get the desired results. He is not too loud and super easy to clean. After about two weeks daily use I am satisfied.


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