Short evaluation Note: Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Smartphone

Anticipated short out my smartphone history with a very short evaluation Note:

* My first smartphone Samsung ACE 2 (just an entry-level model, but not bad)
* Samsung S3 Mini (Prima, but I was too small and the display is not bright enough)
* Then Sony Xperia SP (was too Globig in the end, but technically top)
* Then Motorola Razr i (optimal size, handy, but too slow for my applications)

And now just the Samsung S4 Mini!
Until now I have not fault it. The ideal compromise between size and performance, manageability and functionality.

The S4 Mini is great in the hand, is nice and flat and looks very chic. The display is sufficiently bright, still readable even in sunlight. Contrasting colors on a 4.3 inch screen.
Micro SIM, Micro SD and battery in and off we went.
Everything as usual intuitive easy to use with Samsung.
Important info:
It comes with Android 4.2, but using WLAN or KIES has updated it in a jiffy on 4.4.2. Runs so very supple, according to statements in some forums and less battery consumption ..

The pace of work with the S4 Mini is also great. Nothing hangs, no matter what app or what game.
Backup / restore data via MyPhoneExplorer was done quickly.

Bluetooth in my Hyundai also runs perfectly, the above Motorola was the voice quality in the same car bad.

Battery Life: I have the S4 really use often in the hands of Bluetooth, GPS, constantly playing quiz duel and look at Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Threema
Sure, I have to recharge at night. But as long as I do not recharge during the day, that’s no matter. Evening to the cable, done.

My conclusion: Certainly not a bargain price, but you get a very reliable, send companion for the “smartphone everyday”


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