Philips HD4646 Kettle Basic series (1.5 liter, 2400 watt) white

Does not look quite as chic, as in the picture, but does his job extremely well. Use it for tea and heat for pasta water (1.5 L whopping boil within seconds) and am totally satisfied. Neat thing, Best Buy and highly recommended. The delivery was as always super fast, the dealer and Amazon are working hand in hand, much to the advantage for “impatient”.

After the previous model after 17 years (through my fault) broke I now bought the successor. Unfortunately, there is not more in this green, so I entsched me for white.

The kettle boils quickly, is quiet, is quite handy (only the front Kalkfinter is ill-conceived because it is difficult to use and is also very small, and if lime is present pour the more difficult). I have just taken out the filter.

For this kettle speaks the capacity. I wanted a kettle that has more than 1 liter volume. Quite well I think the screen prior to the distribution. It can also be removed and cleaned. He is also wireless, which was a further criterion for my choice.

I have it now for several years I’m just only today leave a review. I tend not to give full stars for the product, but in this case I do not really noticed anything that would be negative. Well, at 1.5 liters, it takes a little bit until the water boils on the stove but it needs – naturally – much longer.

I like it in any case very well, since the price / performance ratio is completely given.


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