Philips HR2084/90 Stand Blender Essential 650 Watt

We were looking for a powerful blender for making cat food. We have 15 cats and prepare most of the pet food itself to. As we feed our cats only with healthy food and not resort to cans or grain feed, we needed a blender of meat and smaller bones, and can grind eggshells into a fine mass. Our existing blender (Philips 2094) we did not use this. Since we were very satisfied with the performance old Philips blender because of the powerful ones, our choice was the Philips HR2084. Outwardly considered, the two Philips blender hardly differ. Differences can be found only at the round panel which is not illuminated in this model.

This work makes the device really fun. The suction cups located on the underside help the blender just a bomb-proof and damp the resulting vibrations. Only the loud operating noise when mixing have us less well-liked. for personal purpose i suggest you to buy breville blender. because its one of best blender too.

Back to philips, After use the knife for cleaning can be relatively easy to remove and replace. The glass jug has a capacity of 2.0 liters and is resistant to heat and cold. As an accessory, a fruit filter was still at that separate preparation of fruit juice the pulp and seeds from the juice. In our old Philips Blender this was also included and it works very well.

Positive product properties:

✔ Powerful motor 650 Watts
✔ Fruit filter for producing juices
✔ Firm hold thanks to the suction cups on the bottom
✔ Low vibration
✔ 2 liter glass jug made of safety glass
✔ Removable blade
✔ Smoothe, pulses and crushed ice function

Negative product properties:

✖ Relatively loud operation

We are very pleased with the Philips HR2084 blender and really had no problems until today. Even our old blender from Philips (HR 2094) runs perfectly.

Our family has had a taste of smoothies .. With this blender that goes effortlessly. Above all, the simple cleaning has me excited (the glass jar hot wash again sit on – finished:-)) A gazpacho is already super successful in it.


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