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Philips HR2084/90 Stand Blender Essential 650 Watt

We were looking for a powerful blender for making cat food. We have 15 cats and prepare most of the pet food itself to. As we feed our cats only with healthy food and not resort to cans or grain feed, we needed a blender of meat and smaller bones, and can grind eggshells into a fine mass. Our existing blender (Philips 2094) we did not use this. Since we were very satisfied with the performance old Philips blender because of the powerful ones, our choice was the Philips HR2084. Outwardly considered, the two Philips blender hardly differ. Differences can be found only at the round panel which is not illuminated in this model.

This work makes the device really fun. The suction cups located on the underside help the blender just a bomb-proof and damp the resulting vibrations. Only the loud operating noise when mixing have us less well-liked. for personal purpose i suggest you to buy breville blender. because its one of best blender too.

Back to philips, After use the knife for cleaning can be relatively easy to remove and replace. The glass jug has a capacity of 2.0 liters and is resistant to heat and cold. As an accessory, a fruit filter was still at that separate preparation of fruit juice the pulp and seeds from the juice. In our old Philips Blender this was also included and it works very well.

Positive product properties:

✔ Powerful motor 650 Watts
✔ Fruit filter for producing juices
✔ Firm hold thanks to the suction cups on the bottom
✔ Low vibration
✔ 2 liter glass jug made of safety glass
✔ Removable blade
✔ Smoothe, pulses and crushed ice function

Negative product properties:

✖ Relatively loud operation

We are very pleased with the Philips HR2084 blender and really had no problems until today. Even our old blender from Philips (HR 2094) runs perfectly.

Our family has had a taste of smoothies .. With this blender that goes effortlessly. Above all, the simple cleaning has me excited (the glass jar hot wash again sit on – finished:-)) A gazpacho is already super successful in it.


Philips HD4646 Kettle Basic series (1.5 liter, 2400 watt) white

Does not look quite as chic, as in the picture, but does his job extremely well. Use it for tea and heat for pasta water (1.5 L whopping boil within seconds) and am totally satisfied. Neat thing, Best Buy and highly recommended. The delivery was as always super fast, the dealer and Amazon are working hand in hand, much to the advantage for “impatient”.

After the previous model after 17 years (through my fault) broke I now bought the successor. Unfortunately, there is not more in this green, so I entsched me for white.

The kettle boils quickly, is quiet, is quite handy (only the front Kalkfinter is ill-conceived because it is difficult to use and is also very small, and if lime is present pour the more difficult). I have just taken out the filter.

For this kettle speaks the capacity. I wanted a kettle that has more than 1 liter volume. Quite well I think the screen prior to the distribution. It can also be removed and cleaned. He is also wireless, which was a further criterion for my choice.

I have it now for several years I’m just only today leave a review. I tend not to give full stars for the product, but in this case I do not really noticed anything that would be negative. Well, at 1.5 liters, it takes a little bit until the water boils on the stove but it needs – naturally – much longer.

I like it in any case very well, since the price / performance ratio is completely given.

Short evaluation Note: Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Smartphone

Anticipated short out my smartphone history with a very short evaluation Note:

* My first smartphone Samsung ACE 2 (just an entry-level model, but not bad)
* Samsung S3 Mini (Prima, but I was too small and the display is not bright enough)
* Then Sony Xperia SP (was too Globig in the end, but technically top)
* Then Motorola Razr i (optimal size, handy, but too slow for my applications)

And now just the Samsung S4 Mini!
Until now I have not fault it. The ideal compromise between size and performance, manageability and functionality.

The S4 Mini is great in the hand, is nice and flat and looks very chic. The display is sufficiently bright, still readable even in sunlight. Contrasting colors on a 4.3 inch screen.
Micro SIM, Micro SD and battery in and off we went.
Everything as usual intuitive easy to use with Samsung.
Important info:
It comes with Android 4.2, but using WLAN or KIES has updated it in a jiffy on 4.4.2. Runs so very supple, according to statements in some forums and less battery consumption ..

The pace of work with the S4 Mini is also great. Nothing hangs, no matter what app or what game.
Backup / restore data via MyPhoneExplorer was done quickly.

Bluetooth in my Hyundai also runs perfectly, the above Motorola was the voice quality in the same car bad.

Battery Life: I have the S4 really use often in the hands of Bluetooth, GPS, constantly playing quiz duel and look at Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Threema
Sure, I have to recharge at night. But as long as I do not recharge during the day, that’s no matter. Evening to the cable, done.

My conclusion: Certainly not a bargain price, but you get a very reliable, send companion for the “smartphone everyday”

Russell Hobbs Blender 600 watt

This thing is really great, makes great milkshakes and crushed ice extremely well (for slush-ice example) … you should just be careful that you always touches the pitcher correctly (observe marking)

Although I showed my nephew how to do that he has to make his earlier shake out of sheer impatience pitcher aufgesetzt- wrong with violence, I take on and now you can not get him down.

In other words- the thing has brand new in the bin.

Very ärgerlich- especially for me- I’ve paid the …

The blender is really chic and looks great, especially what he can with his 600 watts.

To facilitate cleaning, you can even remove the knife.

I have a home blender (another brand) can not compete with this.

Since you also can mix so many other things, I’m considering to buy one for myself yet.

… should my nephew again want to have one, but he must pay it

edit 07/07/2012: Have to get to know earlier that my niece has repaired the blender again … she has made ​​it so the upper part of the engine even though this wurde- incorrectly placed by my nephew.

So it is still possible, but was probably difficult.

So please make sure that the upper part is not accidentally set the wrong mood.

When I received the part I was only surprised by the beauty of the blender! It is really sturdy and stable! Make me my morning oatmeal with bananas and milk and it mixes as it should! It does not stink and you can wash it super

I also mixed ice and this was similar to a slush ice! I recommend it repays further and at this price you can not go wrong

Due to the recession I have decided for this device. And I must say I was not disappointed. I mix my fruits of any kind with oat drink and it soaked corn flakes to a shake and get the desired results. He is not too loud and super easy to clean. After about two weeks daily use I am satisfied.

Wansview WiFi Lan/WLan Camera

Now the camera side is all set important. The other functions I explain now times not … that you can find out yourself;)

Now something must be set in your router to access from anywhere with a PC or smartphone on the Cam can.

In the router port 80 for the IP address Kamra who have you chosen must be released.

How exactly you have to read or ask Google in your router manual.

Some routers also have an extra DDNS setting, where the whole is still something more secure against attacks from the outside. But is not absolutely necessary!

Now you can the camera from anywhere on your camera Internet address reach. (This address is also on the bottom of the camera)


Unfortunately, I’ve got Android cucumber and can only give this information.

Invites you the free program “IP Cam Viewer lite”

Adds a new camera added: Wansview brand, model Wansview NCL610W, the host internet address, http port 80, and then username and password. Then test and Save.

Problems: the camera rotates in the horizontal axis “loudly”. Located at the bottom 4 screws. Two are visible and two are under the rubber feet. After removing the screws and bottom plate you can see the board. This is secured with a screw. Uner the plate, you only see the engine is responsible for the rotation. Tighten the two motor mounting screws slightly and slide the engine slightly to the outside, ie away from the rotation axis and the screws. The two gears were too close together and have this strange noise generated. The problem had a camera on me.

I hope one or the other helps all here;)

…. Greetings to the “A Star Forgiver” and your network professionals ^^

My Review About Dell U2414H Monitor

The backlight shines through what is particularly disturbing in dark image details and dark games. I was very satisfied With the image quality. The color reproduction is also very good.

Design +++
connections +++
Height adjustment, etc. +++
Color temperature +++

That with the backlight is on all models with AH-IPS panel. In one more, at the other less.

I had the Dell U2413 models, U2414 and BenQ BL2411PT all AH-IPS.
In the model the BenQ BL2411PT is least available with the show through the backlight.

An advantage of AH-IPS what I noticed: no glint of the panel on white backgrounds eg Internet, etc. If then only very weak compared to normal IPS.
I find it at least not auf.Und I am very sensitive.

I have the Dell 2414H ordered, as it should have good image quality and low power consumption and has USB 3.0 ports ..

Monitor and support make a solid impression.
However, the USB ports are difficult to reach, which then interferes with, if only this time, eg be used for media.

With the image quality I was not satisfied. While the color reproduction is fine but seems the backlight a little, what is particularly disturbing in dark image details.

I had the opportunity to test the Dell U2412M, which is older (since 2011 at Amazon in the program) and has a slightly higher power consumption. In direct comparison, the image quality of the U2412M is much better.
Although the transport protection was removed affects the image of the U2414H a bit like looking through a protective film. The adjustment of color temperature and brightness contrast brought no improvement.

The U2414H I send back and have me now ordered the U2412M, which in addition to the in my opinion better image quality with 16:10 also has a more pleasant for me image format. Even if this monitor supports only USB 2.0, so at least 2 of the 4 ports are mounted on the side and eg easily accessible for USB sticks.

For the good workmanship and in my opinion not really bad but not really good image quality, the Dell U2414H of me gets three stars.

A Really Great Camera Canon IXUS 155

The camera is really great, easy to use and equipped with a really good zoom, makes even the digital zoom is still good pictures. Unfortunately, the camera has already wrecked the first neueSD card after a few days. Only the message Memory card error came only few, shortly afterwards went nothing more. Our predecessor CANON IXUS 40 had the same error only after several years.

First I must say I am a big fan of Canon, the last 5-6 cameras were all Canon and I was with each of them more than satisfied. Now I wanted a new compact, there was my last was the Ixus 55 with 5 million pixels and I was very happy had it again a Ixus sien. Quite honestly; the “ancient” Ixus 55 is better in every respect to length, I’m really shocked. The recordings of the 155 interior are grainy and blurred exterior absolutely pixelated because my iphone makes better photos. I wonder where the camera is to have 20 million pixels, so that the chip seems to be completely overwhelmed.

The processing I still find in Odrnung, although I find the old against the Ixus 55 in every respect a step backwards, but the trend seems to be to use only plastic. But she does not feel cheap in my opinion.

So please do not Canon, now I have to first look for another company.

This camera is quickly ready for operation and the image resolution is very good. Visually, it is an eye catcher. If I want to switch off and wish to carry a mobile phone to me but would like more beautiful scenes in nature then this camera is perfect for me and especially handy.

I’m actually SLR clippers. But the cameras are on me always too heavy to carry around and easy to pity. Make also more targeted recordings (Studio etc.). Now I needed a small compact for the holidays and the children. Which had often, which then regularly after end of warranty somehow showed or gave up their mind quirks. The IXUS 155 makes at first sight a good impression. Charge the battery, SD card and purely losknipsen. Little buttons, automatic works well. Toll is the button for instant video recording. Must not fiddle around until the menu you. But since I like adjusting aperture, ISO bracketing time and so myself, I’ve got a user manual missing: it is only online (over 100 pages). When first seeing I was already impressed with what you can do with the camera. The first pictures are great and so at least I can only recommend the camera for everyday clippers. Have bought a chic bag to (Bundle Star * Hard Case PURE RED S) Size S fits. Delivery was not complete at the first time: exchange went super fast! Thank you!