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A Really Great Camera Canon IXUS 155

The camera is really great, easy to use and equipped with a really good zoom, makes even the digital zoom is still good pictures. Unfortunately, the camera has already wrecked the first neueSD card after a few days. Only the message Memory card error came only few, shortly afterwards went nothing more. Our predecessor CANON IXUS 40 had the same error only after several years.

First I must say I am a big fan of Canon, the last 5-6 cameras were all Canon and I was with each of them more than satisfied. Now I wanted a new compact, there was my last was the Ixus 55 with 5 million pixels and I was very happy had it again a Ixus sien. Quite honestly; the “ancient” Ixus 55 is better in every respect to length, I’m really shocked. The recordings of the 155 interior are grainy and blurred exterior absolutely pixelated because my iphone makes better photos. I wonder where the camera is to have 20 million pixels, so that the chip seems to be completely overwhelmed.

The processing I still find in Odrnung, although I find the old against the Ixus 55 in every respect a step backwards, but the trend seems to be to use only plastic. But she does not feel cheap in my opinion.

So please do not Canon, now I have to first look for another company.

This camera is quickly ready for operation and the image resolution is very good. Visually, it is an eye catcher. If I want to switch off and wish to carry a mobile phone to me but would like more beautiful scenes in nature then this camera is perfect for me and especially handy.

I’m actually SLR clippers. But the cameras are on me always too heavy to carry around and easy to pity. Make also more targeted recordings (Studio etc.). Now I needed a small compact for the holidays and the children. Which had often, which then regularly after end of warranty somehow showed or gave up their mind quirks. The IXUS 155 makes at first sight a good impression. Charge the battery, SD card and purely losknipsen. Little buttons, automatic works well. Toll is the button for instant video recording. Must not fiddle around until the menu you. But since I like adjusting aperture, ISO bracketing time and so myself, I’ve got a user manual missing: it is only online (over 100 pages). When first seeing I was already impressed with what you can do with the camera. The first pictures are great and so at least I can only recommend the camera for everyday clippers. Have bought a chic bag to (Bundle Star * Hard Case PURE RED S) Size S fits. Delivery was not complete at the first time: exchange went super fast! Thank you!