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My Review About Dell U2414H Monitor

The backlight shines through what is particularly disturbing in dark image details and dark games. I was very satisfied With the image quality. The color reproduction is also very good.

Design +++
connections +++
Height adjustment, etc. +++
Color temperature +++

That with the backlight is on all models with AH-IPS panel. In one more, at the other less.

I had the Dell U2413 models, U2414 and BenQ BL2411PT all AH-IPS.
In the model the BenQ BL2411PT is least available with the show through the backlight.

An advantage of AH-IPS what I noticed: no glint of the panel on white backgrounds eg Internet, etc. If then only very weak compared to normal IPS.
I find it at least not auf.Und I am very sensitive.

I have the Dell 2414H ordered, as it should have good image quality and low power consumption and has USB 3.0 ports ..

Monitor and support make a solid impression.
However, the USB ports are difficult to reach, which then interferes with, if only this time, eg be used for media.

With the image quality I was not satisfied. While the color reproduction is fine but seems the backlight a little, what is particularly disturbing in dark image details.

I had the opportunity to test the Dell U2412M, which is older (since 2011 at Amazon in the program) and has a slightly higher power consumption. In direct comparison, the image quality of the U2412M is much better.
Although the transport protection was removed affects the image of the U2414H a bit like looking through a protective film. The adjustment of color temperature and brightness contrast brought no improvement.

The U2414H I send back and have me now ordered the U2412M, which in addition to the in my opinion better image quality with 16:10 also has a more pleasant for me image format. Even if this monitor supports only USB 2.0, so at least 2 of the 4 ports are mounted on the side and eg easily accessible for USB sticks.

For the good workmanship and in my opinion not really bad but not really good image quality, the Dell U2414H of me gets three stars.